Taehyung visits the surprises ARMY arranged for his birthday


V showed his appreciation for the celebrations that are being organized for his birthday and did so by personally visiting several of them.

BTS will be partying in a few days, not only the arrival of a New Year but also V’s birthday, the fandom of this popular idol group always makes sure that these types of celebrations are memorable and this time it will not be the exception.

Taehyung will commemorate one more year since his birth on December 30, but for several weeks there have already been several facilities around South Korea announcing the arrival of this special day.

ARMY decorated different sites with various themes, but always related to the idol, his music, his career or what he likes, since it is about capturing a show of affection for him on his birthday. Surely none of the organizers of these decoration events imagined that V himself would be happy to visit them.

The idol asked through Weverse where some of these surprises were located that are generally visited by fans of BTS and especially V, while fans sent various alternatives, he chose some to visit during his free time.

It was thus that later his social networks were updated with two Insta-stories, one of them leads us to see the Winter Bear interpreter in front of an inflatable figure of an adorable doll that represents V and his Squid Game uniform.

The other is a video of the singer touring an installation where various stages of the boy’s musical career are referred to.

These kinds of celebrations, events and decorations are held every year and for all the members of BTS, the singer wanted to show his appreciation by visiting what he prepared in his honor and that they generally don’t get a chance to see for. themselves.

However, let us remember that the HYBE group is currently enjoying a long rest and therefore this type of tour was possible.

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