Taehyung tells you what your ideal job is


BTS’s Taehyung tells ARMY what him dream job is based on each one’s abilities, hobbies, and tastes. The K-pop idol interacted with him fans through Weverse and gave them advice on work life. Discovering what to study, what to do and looking for a dream in life is not easy, because a job is something to which you will dedicate a large part of your life.


Taehyung is very active on the platform, he even received the award for “Head of the Entertainment department” and decided to put his skills to use with ARMY. The BTS member asked their name, hobby, and how much they liked studying to reveal their dream job.

Several ARMYs shared their messages with the Bangtan idol, hoping to be lucky that he answered their questions. V relied on the tastes of each BTS fan to calculate the profession that is best for each one.

If you want to know what you will do in the future, we leave you a list with the ideal jobs that V has for each ARMY, you can identify with some of the profiles that were described in Weverse, there are from a doctor, chef, hockey player, among other. The K-pop idol wants his fans to fulfill their dreams and had fun with his fandom during the early hours.

Designer or Architect

If you are a girl who likes to watch BTS videos to help with the stream and one of your strengths is studying, V considers you to be creative and you should study a career in this field.

Hockey player

If you are someone who likes to exercise, be active, but you do not like the study very much, V considers that you must be an ice hockey player. It is a fun sport and it is very famous in Canada.

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Video Director

If you share a passion for photography with V, but are not a very diligent student, you should exploit your talent behind the lens and become a director. It is a fun race with a lot of creativity, with a camera you can do magic.


University is difficult, maybe in some semester you still don’t feel like you have your vocation and if your hobbies are games and watching videos, V thinks something with music is the ideal for you.


If you are not a fan of studying, but do not detest it, a 50/50, besides knowing how to play the piano and sing, V thinks you should be a doctor, if you are looking for a dream in life the idol considers that job the best option.


If you are still young and you are in high school, you like to study a little and your hobby is to listen to others and advise them, V thinks you should be a detective.


V considers that someone who believes in princesses, his hobby is singing Disney songs (princess) and studying hard, should become a curator.


If your hobbies are singing, dancing, reading and you like to study, but not 100%, V considers that a job surrounded by books is the ideal one for you. Literature takes you to explore many worlds.


If you are someone without hobbies, you do not like to study a lot, but you are sensitive, V believes that studying the stars, planets and more, is a job for you.


If you know how to play the violin and you like to study a lot, being very applied, V thinks you should be an expert cook.


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