Taehyung reveals that Yeontan is sick, what happened to him?


What happens to Yeontan? BTS’s V expressed good wishes for his pet because he’s been a bit sick, let’s tell you what the idol said.

BTS fans enjoy seeing all the facets of the lives of these singers that they choose to share with the public, that includes their adorable pets. Several of the members have adopted puppies and that’s how Taehyung now has Yeontan by his side.

This adorable pet won the affection of ARMY, to such an extent that on her birthday the cute puppy is also congratulated. AWW! But sadly V’s puppy has faced health problems and currently even had an intervention to try to help him.

Every fan of the BTS group knows how special Yeontan is to the Winter Bear performer, which is why the artist moved everyone when he sent a message to his beloved pet.


In a recent interview with GQ Korea, Taehyung revealed that Yeontan has been facing some problems, so he always tries to give her the best care and treatments.

According to the singer, Tan’s health has been bad since his birth, as his airways are very small, he cannot make great efforts, because in those cases it is difficult for him to breathe and sometimes he can even faint.

To take care of his health, V takes care of taking him to medical check-ups and this year he even received two surgeries in the hope that his condition would improve, but in both cases the goal was not achieved. Sniff!

The BTS member took advantage of that moment to show how much he loves this famous pet with whom we love to see him spend his free time, the singer wrote:

Thank you for persevering, enduring, and staying alive despite your hard work. I hope we can make good memories together for the rest of our lives. I want to see an adult Tan.

V’s words touched everyone with his sweetness, we hope that Yeontan’s health will improve soon and the treatments he receives will work as successfully as possible. : ’)

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