Taehyung recibe un premio especial en Weverse


Taehyung received special recognition from ARMY and Weverse. The idol is the one who has spent the most time on the platform designed to interact with fans, share photos, videos and messages. During his free time the idol also enjoys online games, he has even created teams with ARMY to enjoy various games.

Through Weverse, Taehyung received a certificate from the staff, as they consider him the “Weverse Recreation Director”, thanks to his constant activity on the platform, in addition, the award promises a huge amount of won, but V revealed that you have not received the money yet. LOL

V celebrated his appointment with a video that he published shortly after, the idol appears in a game room while parading as if it were a catwalk while wearing a band that recognized him as the “Head of Entertainment.”

The idol joked that he was known for being “the class clown.” ARMY shared their congratulatory messages through social media, and the certificate described Taehyung as someone who is passionate and considerate.


Weverse has become the most direct means of interaction between BTS and ARMY, since the boys see directly the messages that are shared on the platform, their social networks use them more for promotion or to publish photos or messages in general.

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