Taehyung is the best friend of a little BTS fan


V becomes best friends with a 9 year old boy and received a letter from the idol. BTS’s popularity is ageless, kids, teens and even moms have made them their favorite K-pop group. Meeting them has become a dream for many fans, but one boy was lucky to receive a special gift from V.

Social networks have become a very important platform for the interaction between idols and fans, in addition to promoting each of the activities or launches they carry out through the hashtags that are positioned in world trends and the dissemination of a child’s message 9-year-old managed to reach V.

According to the Naver portal, Taehyung received the letter from a BTS fan, who decided to write to the idol and confess that he was a great admirer of his, since he danced his songs and watched the reality show of “BTS Run!”, But he confessed that before he had not He had friends until he met him.

The little boy in a tender way, told him that at school he finds it difficult to talk to people, but he considered V as his friend, he also said that he likes other members, but he is his favorite. The fanboy also joked with Tata and asked him to smile.

At the gesture, Taehyung decided to respond with a letter, which his mother shared and explained that his son cried when he received the idol’s response, since his wish had been fulfilled and now they were both friends.

V thanked him for being a fan of BTS and promised that they would meet sometime now that they had a friendship, I also wish him to grow up happy and without hurting him, in addition, he assured him that Tata was smiling. Awwww!

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The gesture touched ARMY, who shared some messages on social networks and published the photo of both letters. Undoubtedly, the idol has a special place for those who show their love in the most sincere way.


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