Taehyung forgets how he met Jimin

The friendship of the two BTS singers is very strong and has an undeniable bond. Jimin and V from BTS have an incredible affection, idols have lived together for quite some time.

It is a mystery how life, destiny or coincidences intersperse people’s paths so that they know and learn from each other through a friendly connection that is rarely repeated.


Jimin and V have an incredible friendship , which grew stronger over time in the BTS group , but they have known each other for a long time, to be exact since high school.

The faithful friends have always been for each other, in each of the circumstances, whether they are happy or unpleasant, the duo outside and on stage show strong companionship .


But Taehyung showed his distracted and forgetful side during one of the various trips that the band makes. While the seven idols enjoyed a delicious meal, J-Hope said that the face Jimin was familiar, V replied that Jimin looked like one of his classmates from high school and Jimin answered ‘ were in high school friend of mine’.

The BTS members still remember the funny anecdote with a laugh.

Recently, the company BTS , Big Hit Labels reported that it was preparing the details for the premiere of his reallity show called ‘I-LAND’, which is governed under the company ‘BELIFT LAB Incorporations’.

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