Taehyung falls in love with ARMY in an outfit


In V’s new selca, the BTS idol shows off an incredible look that captivated ARMY’s heart. V is one of the members of the Bangtan Boys who has the most interactions with his fans around the world, the K-pop singer uses different platforms to communicate with ARMY in an efficient and fast way.

The boys of BTS are just days away from presenting ‘Dynamite’, the first single in English by the popular Korean pop band, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, Suga, J-Hope, V and RM return to the stages with more music and surprises for his followers.

Many teasers have been released, such as different teaser images where the idols from Big Hit Entertainment appear with colorful outfits and hairstyles, inspired by a very retro concept.

Through the Twitter platform, Taehyung published two selfies, in the images Tae appears sitting in front of a mirror and a person is combing him, the idol has the same hair color as in the promotional photos for ‘Dynamite’, ¿V will have given a little spoiler to ARMY?

V’s selcas are special, in the photograph the interpreter of ‘Winter Bear’ wears a gray jacket, to contrast the design, the garment has many details of flowers and leaves in black, Taehyung’s outfit made ARMY sigh .

But V’s style was not only limited to clothes, to experiment a little with his hair, the idol chose a change of look that allows to see his forehead and other details of his face, as he wears a hairstyle with his hair back.

V’s impact on the Internet was once again demonstrated, as his post reached a million likes in just one hour and 29 minutes, a record for a post on Twitter. Taehyung now has the third fastest tweet to 1 million likes in the history of the social network. WOW.

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