Taehyung explains his feelings for ARMY


The idol explained his love for his fandom and described his feelings. BTS is in the midst of preparations for their new album, but the boys are also given an opportunity to interact with ARMY.

Through different platforms, the group has given itself the opportunity to send messages to its fans. V , who has been composing and playing, decided to explain his true feelings to the fans.

Through Weverse , a fan asked his how much his love of fandom was and Tae decided to explain it in the most sincere way possible and stole a few tears from the meaning behind his words.

V confessed that his love for ARMY cannot be measured, even when he stretches his arms and legs, he even said that it is as if he had been trapped inside a swamp and could not get out.

Taehyung said that he even misses ARMY in dreams and they are one of his inspirations when he writes, as he always has them in mind when he composes.

But the most emotional part was when he said that when he becomes a father, he will teach his son “ARMY” as his first word. The fandom replied with the hashtag Kim Taehyung We Love You , it is undoubtedly the best relationship that an idol can have with their followers.

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