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Taehyung enjoys video games with ARMY during quarantine


Taehyung enjoys video games with ARMY during quarantine. The idol has decided to dedicate his quarantined time to his fandom.

The steps BigHit has taken to protect BTS, the staff, and their fans are still in the works. The boys have been in quarantine for a while, in addition, their tour of the United States has been officially postponed because that country registers the highest number of coronavirus cases.

However, the isolation and distance does not prevent V from interacting with his fans and spending time together. We tell you what happened.

Thanks to Weverse and technology, Taehyung has been able to live with ARMY in these weeks. The idol decided to invite his fans to play video games online and team up together. V decided to make the invitation through Weverse.

The idol enjoyed a game of Sudden Atack, a popular strategy and action computer game; V decided to integrate ARMY into his team, he even created groups as part of his troops called “Mikrokosmos”


Although he was in high demand and received some comments from people posing as ARMY, Taehyung had a great time with his fandom, he even encouraged them to do their best so they didn’t lose to the enemies.



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