Why does Taehyung blow a kiss to heaven when he finishes singing?


This gesture has a very special meaning for BTS’s Taehyung. Discover the powerful meaning of kisses to the sky of Taehuyng of BTS .

Kim Taehyung was born on December 30, 1995 , in the city of Daegu Geochang in South Korea. The idol is a person very close to his loved ones and one of the most important pillars in his life is his family, especially his paternal grandmother.

From a young age he moved to the capital of South Korea to be a great K-pop singer, the ‘Winter Bear’ performer struggled to study very hard and develop his artistic skills in singing and dancing.


V of BTS always gives a good show in each of their presentations, it is why the singer has become famous for its quality as an artist and performer, even though the member of the Boys Bangtan has achieved fame, keep remembering your roots.

Each stage that BTS treads is a great test, but they are clear that the key to a good show in connecting with fans, who always chant their songs and keep that moment in their memory.

In many presentations of the group, ARMY has seen how Taehyung throws loving kisses towards the sky in a very special way , do you know why the BTS idol has this gesture ?, because V communicates with one of his loved ones through this gesture.


Taehyung dedicates each of his shows to his paternal grandmother , for much of his childhood and adolescence the idol lived a long time with her, V and his grandmother were very close, all the time enjoying each other’s company.

In the third Muster of BTS , V took the microphone to thank ARMY for support and assist coexistence and shared with the audience that his spirits had fallen that his grandmother had died while BTS was introduced in the Philippines.

From that moment, V blows kisses to heaven to dedicate his incredible presentations to his grandmother . One of these most remembered moments was during the BTS show at the Grammy Awards ceremony .

Check out BTS’s great V gesture :

V is a singer with a great personality, recently at the Bang Bang: The Live online concert, the BTS idol communicated with all his fans and had a very loving and inclusive gesture that marked the heart of ARMY.


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