Taehyung advises you on how to deal with people who annoy you


The idol explained to a fan how to deal when disturbed.

BTS is already in the midst of preparations for their new comeback, the boys will be concentrating on different areas to begin production and recording work.

For now, each of them has been carrying out various activities to live with the ARMY, including VLives, tutorials to give a new design to your ARMY Bomb and interact with their fans through Weverse. V decided to give the best advice to the fandom to survive life’s obstacles.

The friendship is somewhat complicated in our life, we often have differences with our friends, even if it is our BFF, sometimes we have trouble asking for forgiveness or reconcile, but if your situation is different and do not know how to make your partner adventures do not make you so angry, Taehyung tells you what to do.

The idol answered the comment of an ARMY, the fan asked him for help because his friend was about to end his patience, V being direct and sincere told him: “Hold your hand and play badminton with the middle finger.” Que??? Some confused V’s message with making the famous “Britney signal”.

Taehyung was actually referring to placing your fist-shaped hand and patting that annoying friend on the head to scold him like he was a little boy.

Do you have friends who prank you or make comments you don’t like? You know what to do, although it was all as a joke, remember that you should always tell people if something bothers you and ask them to stop doing it.

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