Taehyun of TXT helps MOA with her homework


Taehyun of TXT helps MOA with her homework. This gesture that the idol had with his fans is filled with good messages to the singer.

The TXT boys are having a very successful start to the race, they have been in the industry for a little over a year and have already broken many records, they had a very victorious debut with ‘Crown’, which already has more than 100 million visits

The platform of Weverse is a great channel for followers are in contact directly with idols, groups like gfriend, BTS, TXT , coexistence between fans and artists of Big Hit is characterized by the two sides may have a connection Very special and direct.

Just a member of TXT has just done something that has stolen the heart of his fans.

Through a publication on that platform , a fan asked Taehyun for help , the girl in the post placed some photos of her math or logic book, in which some problems are seen, in the description reads’ Taehyun oppa Please, I want to know. ‘

Singer and dancer agreed to support a MOA with his knowledge, and he replied ‘3 is 2, right?’ ‘Tell me, what is the question?’, It softened the feelings of the fans , because it had helped to the girl to do the homework , which made it clear that for the boys of TXT the most important thing is her followers .



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