Tactics to level up fast in PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile has been on the phone of almost every person who likes gun games since the day it met the user. Is it possible to level up faster in PUBG Mobile, which is at the top of the list of the most popular games in the world, whose every new update is highly anticipated and has recently been in trouble with cheaters? Here are simple tactics:

Leveling faster in PUBG Mobile with simple tactics

If you’re a rookie, leveling up in the game will probably be one of your top priorities. It becomes easier to level up in a shorter time and with some tactics instead of gradually leveling up. Let’s get to the highest level that can be reached in the game. The highest level you can reach in PUBG Mobile is 100, and most players at this level are those who enter the game early and rise over time.

Still, there is no need to worry. Read on for useful information on how to quickly level up in PUBG Mobile.

First of all, what is the level in PUBG Mobile?

Let’s explain what we mean by level for PUBG Mobile. We can say that your level in PUBG Mobile is one of your basic statistics that do not change every season, unlike your rank. Your level will only increase, but not decrease. By no means is your level a measure of talent and should not be confused with your rank, which is heavily influenced by your performance in the game. The level in the game is a matter of how much you play the game and take your time.

How does the level rise basically?

The level of gameplay in PUBG Mobile basically rises in line with the more you play the game. You can get a level in return for how much time you spend on the game.

Your level increases by collecting XP and almost all modes in the game give you XP. Accordingly, entering the game regularly, completing daily missions or killing more opponents in special modes will provide you with more XP and levels. However, we have some suggestions for those who want to level up faster than usual.

Stick to the classic game mode

If you want to level up quickly, the first thing you should do is play the classic mode over and over again. The high amount of XP you earn is one of the most enjoyable ways to level up quickly. Of course, it’s okay to try and enjoy other modes from time to time, but the classic mode offers the fastest way to level up.

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Don’t skip missions

PUBG Mobile has daily, weekly missions and progression challenges that sometimes provide very good XP bonuses. These can range from logging into the game, watching videos, driving, improving and other simple activities. Make sure you go through all these challenges and complete the missions to get the XP.

Don’t skip progress missions

PUBG Mobile-da daha hızlı seviye atlamak-00

With each level you rise in PUBG Mobile, you are given three progression missions. Completing these progress missions will help you collect XP to move on to the next level. Do not neglect to do these tasks. You can complete most of them in a short time, but it’s still a good idea to check what tasks you have done and not.

Leveling up faster in PUBG Mobile is actually very easy: Try to be the last man alive

If you focus on getting at least the top 10 in classic matches, you can earn high XP. Of course, entering the top 5 or being the first will make your score even higher. So how can you survive longer? Try to focus on areas with fewer people.

If you enter very crowded conflict environments, you are likely to die because the number of people you will engage in is high. Then follow the shrinking game circle. Look inside the boxes you find on the road as you follow. Your deceased opponent may have left you an item that will earn you the game.

PUBG Mobile-da daha hızlı seviye atlamak-00

If you are in the circle, many players will come there from outside. Find yourself a nice hiding corner and hunt your opponents with ease. In addition, if you are the scene of some conflicts from the outside, you can kill a fallen opponent and gain XP from there without going into combat.

Get tough teammates

Since you will mostly play with your teammates, it is useful to find teammates with whom you are a good team. Good teammates mean more XP as they will bring you more success.

Making improvements

Using bandages, medikit and energy-boosting drinks and painkillers in the game contributes to the XP collected at the end of the match. This feature that many people who play the game are not aware of is a good tactic.

Leveling up faster in PUBG Mobile actually becomes much easier with these tactics. How many of these tactics do you use? If you have any practical tactics you use, don’t forget to share them with us in the comments!


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