Tactics to Enable Voice Communication in Any Environment You Cannot Speak

If you are wondering how important intelligence is, read this news carefully. Because the young can not be doubted about their two intelligence, they can communicate in an environment where they cannot speak out loud with the tactics they find. The youngsters announced their tactics to the world through TikTok.

With the development of the smartphone industry and the spread of the Internet, many things in our lives have changed. In addition, developments in the smartphone industry have also led to the widespread use of wireless products, and users are now showing a serious interest in smart watches and wireless headphones.

Now we will talk about a very interesting but creative tactic. This tactic will overcome all obstacles, especially in environments where you cannot talk comfortably, such as the classroom, and will enable you to be in easy voice communication. This method helps you communicate by voice, without even opening your mouth.

The crazy idea in question was discovered by students who wanted to speak in the classroom and was announced to the world through TikTok, one of the most popular social media platforms of recent times. Before moving on to the stages of this tactic, what we have to mention is that you need to have a wireless headset to use this idea. So if both you and the person you want to talk to have a wireless headset, you can easily use this tactic.

The working principle of this tactic is as follows; First, you replace one of your wireless headphones with the person you want to talk to. So your wireless headset is in your friend, and your friend is in your headset. Then, if you have a translation application on your phone, you are accessing it, or you are accessing a translation service provided by companies such as Google or Yandex.

After completing the above steps, you write what you want to say to the translation service. After writing what you have to say, you benefit from reading aloud without translating. Thus, the robot, who is in translation service, begins to read what he wrote. Since your phone is also connected to your wireless headset and your headset is on your friend, your friend listens to what you type through their headset.

This simple yet impressive tactic can be used wherever you are not available to speak. The young people in the application video that we will share with you shortly use Apple’s AirPods, but let’s clearly say that these products are not mandatory. No matter what brand of wireless headphones this tactic is; the classroom can be used in boring meetings and situations where you are afraid to say something out loud.

Video of the tactic that makes voice communication possible without voice speech



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