Tacoma FD Season 4 will be even crazier and sillier, the star promises


Since the bar is already set pretty high, star Eugene Cordero says that the 4th season of Tacoma FD will be even crazier and sillier than what it was before. The comedy series truTV was created by the duo Broken Lizard and the writers/stars of Super Troopers Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemm. Tacoma FD is basically set in the titular Washington Fire Department and explores the crazy antics of its fire department as they get bored with the lack of real fires in their small town and any other government department spending their budget.

Heffernan and Lemme lead the cast of Tacoma FD as Chief Terry McConkey and Captain Eddie Penisi along with Marcus Henderson as Granfield “Granny” Smith, Hussey Harrison as Terry’s daughter and aspiring firefighter Lucy McConkey, Gabriel Hogan as Ike Crystal and Eugene Cordero as Andy Miavani. The series, which premiered on the truTV channel for the first time in early 2019, received mixed reviews from critics, but mostly positive reviews from viewers for its humor, similar to the cult favorite films of Heffernan and Lemme about super soldiers. Since Tacoma FD has been receiving stable ratings for three seasons, truTV has renewed the show for season 4, and now one of the stars is sharing some thoughts about what will happen in the new season.

During an exclusive conversation with Screen Rant to discuss his Simply Beverages advertising campaign, Eugene Cordero talked about the fourth season of Tacoma FD. The star said that the filming of the new season will begin soon, and promises that it will be even more crazy and stupid than it was before. See what Cordero shared below:

“The fourth season begins. These guys are the funniest, and they are the easiest to work with and work with. The fourth season will be great. You think the jokes that have already happened will continue, but instead they are happening crazier things. Crazier things are happening, so be prepared for more, there’s a lot of nonsense out there. I would say Tacoma FD is filled with silly moments, even when the plots aren’t the craziest, they’re the stupidest moments, so it’s fun and I’m happy to be a part of it. [Haven’t started yet], just started with this now. Same thing, I can’t fill it with any teasers or anything like that, but yeah, definitely some funny things and crazy things are going to happen, especially with Penisi, he’s doing crazy things.”

The 3rd season of Tacoma FD ended quite explosively: The titular firehouse burned down, and the group lost some of their most valuable possessions, including Ike’s mattress full of savings, Grandma’s therapeutic mannequins, and Andy’s grandfather’s ashes. The season finale also saw the return of fellow Broken Lizard veteran Paul Sauter as Fire Inspector Boykins, who investigated the cause of the fire and put the blame entirely on the Tacoma team, jeopardizing all their work. Joe Pantoliano also returned in the finale as Eddie’s father and McConkey’s boss, who reproaches the band for what happened and says he’s shutting them down.

Cordero’s promise of a crazier and more clueless 4th season of Tacoma FD is sure to be an exciting teaser for fans of the series, as well as his confirmation that filming will begin soon. Although he did not give an exact date for the start of filming, it is likely that production will begin closer to August, given Cordero’s participation in the second season of “Loki”, the filming of which has reportedly finally begun. Viewers can already watch the first three seasons of Tacoma FD streaming on HBO Max.