Tablet and phone donation from Samsung!


While the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread rapidly both in our country and in the world, many companies try to exhibit sensitive behavior on the subject. Samsung, which previously announced that it has provided 29 million dollars of funding and medical supplies, is with us with a new donation. Samsung phone and tablet will donate to those who go to distance education because of the coronavirus pandemic!

For distance education, Samsung will donate phones and tablets!
While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is hurting the global economy, many companies agree with the deadlock. Companies that are sensitive to the issue continue to work to help people in quarantine, provide medical supplies, and donate millions of dollars to affected communities and governments.

According to CNET’s statement, Samsung announced that it would distribute tablets and phones to the quarantined coronavirus patients. The company will donate smartphones to patients to help them stay in touch with their families and friends. In addition, he will donate tablets to educational institutions that provide and struggle with children to get home or distance education.

Previously, Samsung has said it has donated $ 29 million in funds and medical supplies to local governments affected by COVID-19 for face masks, hand sanitizers and other related products. To further combat the spread of the virus, Samsung and other tech giants continue to limit business travel. Many companies have also switched to work from home.

In this process, the companies seem to play a big role in helping the global economy recover and pandemic ends quickly.


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