Table that controls the air quality of the environment and warns the user with a smart phone


The table named AiT Smart One, developed by AiT Desks, draws attention with its features. Adjustable table with wireless charging unit and bluetooth speaker constantly controls the quality of the air in the environment with air quality sensors.

Height-adjustable tables have been in our lives for a long time. A new member of these tables, which saves the lives of people working at the desk and spending time at the desk, draws attention with their features.

AiT Smart One, which will meet almost all the needs of the desk employees, comes with a smartphone application. AiT Smart One constantly monitors the air quality in the environment with the air quality sensor and warns the user through the smartphone application.

AiT Smart One offers more technology than you would expect from a desk
Three different height settings can be saved on AiT Smart One, which continues to carry the typical features of adjustable tables that have been on the market for years. The saved settings can be used directly with the keys on the table.

In addition to the physical height adjustment keys, the smartphone application, which monitors how long the user is sitting at the table, warns the user when a long time is spent at the table. AiT Smart One’s smartphone app also includes exercises to promote healthy living.

Among the features that make AiT Smart One different from other adjustable tables is that some things that the person using the table will use daily are integrated in the table. The adjustable table features a built-in wireless charging unit, bluetooth speaker system, aromatherapy diffuser, a built-in cable management system, LED lighting, a security drawer controlled by the phone app, and an ergonomic footrest.

AiT Desks, the developer of AiT Smart One, launched a campaign in Indiegogo to start the production of the adjustable table. The model with all the functions of the table was offered for early order with $ 999. Two cheaper models, where a few features were cropped, were presented to users with an early order.

Published video of AiT Smart One, following the air quality of the environment:


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