A T-Shirt Designed That Makes the Wearer Invisible in Face Recognition Technology


States around the world use intelligent surveillance systems that work with artificial intelligence to monitor their citizens. Researchers from Northeastern University announced that they have developed a t-shirt that managed to make the wearer invisible to these systems.

Since artificial intelligence has been used in many fields today, researchers’ work on this subject has been continuing at full speed. The latest news on the subject came from the USA, and it was announced that a t-shirt with a design that managed to override facial recognition systems was revealed. Researchers from the University of Northeastern in Boston conducted a joint project with MIT and IBM researchers, and as a result of the project, a t-shirt with a constantly changing color appeared, making the wearer indistinguishable by artificial intelligence.

A spokesperson from the research team, who conducted the study, made a series of statements stating that the designed shirt was effective on neural networks used for object detection. Professor Xue Lin stated that a neural network normally recognizes and reports an object in the image and that a tag is assigned for that object, and that the work done is a study that limits and confuses this labeling system of artificial intelligence.

Worked on two networks:

According to the researchers, this study was carried out in two object recognition networks that are used especially for educational purposes. The team found that an image made up of pixels could mislead artificial intelligence and make the user invisible. You can watch the video above, briefly explaining the departure and arrival points, along with the logic of the study.

It is worth remembering that this study is not the first design example in this area. Previously, researches were conducted to test and deceive artificial intelligence. As a result of experiments conducted by universities in the United States, glasses that could mislead facial recognition technology were revealed, but unlike previous studies, the newly emerged shirt was said to have quite invisible features for video surveillance. Necessary materials were used to prevent otherwise wrinkles such as wrinkles as a result of the movement of the wearers.

The question that arises in the minds of almost everyone who hears the news is that if we can see these t-shirts in the real world. Researchers also respond to this and report that such a design that excels in experiments is not yet ready for the real world. For now, it is a matter of curiosity for us how the studies carried out on the perception algorithm will result.


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