T.J. Holmes’ Wife, Who Lives Separately, Broke Her Silence About The Divorce From The GTA 3 Host Amid a Relationship With Amy Robach


The year 2022 ended quite publicly and personally for GMA3 hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach, whose romantic date was rumored to be in the spotlight, which attracted unwanted attention to the respective spouses of the hosts. Although Holmes’ estranged wife Marley Fibig remained silent on this matter even after their divorce was confirmed, she has now broken this external silence with a prepared statement calling on the ABC News journalist not to respect his family.

Now that the holiday season is in the rearview mirror, Marilee Fibig’s divorce lawyer Stephanie Lehman has shared her client’s opinion on how things are going with Holmes, and how she is considering a high-profile way to disclose an increasingly public relationship with Robach. in Gmail:

During the holiday season and in light of difficult times, Marilee’s only focus was on the common interests of her 9-year-old daughter. To this end, Lawyer T.J. and I worked together to promote their divorce privately, promptly and as peacefully as possible. Despite this, we remain disappointed by T.J.’s lack of prudence, respect and sensitivity towards Marilee and the band’s daughter. Marilee has been touched by the outpouring of support and is looking forward to a fresh start this year.

It is clear that the first thing Lehman noticed was Fibig’s devotion to her and Holmes’ daughter Sabine, who was born a few years after the former couple’s 12-year marriage. No matter how obviously difficult this whole situation may be for each of the adults involved, the divorce process can be a traumatic experience for children, so preserving the satisfaction and happiness of a young girl was undoubtedly a huge priority for the mother.

The divorce lawyer, who heads Phillips Nizer’s family law practice in New York and New Jersey, expressed the opinion that she and T.J. Holmes’ lawyer are trying to end the relationship between him and Fibig as carefully as possible, but speed is the priority. And while viewers may never see a separated husband and wife playing well on TV again — it’s unclear if Holmes will return to the small screen again and when — their representatives are at least trying to keep calm behind the scenes.

But, despite such friendly goals, Stephanie Lehman still expressed her opinion about the GMA3 presenter with a statement by Fibig, calling T.J. Holmes condemned for not keeping the interests of his family in his heart when he entered and continued a relationship with his colleague. To a large extent, the ABC couple kept their intimacy out of the public eye, though not completely, and it seems that restraint is waning as they vacationed in Miami together, and ex Andrew Shu and his sons Robaha were apparently celebrating the holidays. without her.

For the sake of her daughter, one can only hope that Marilee Fibig and T.J. Holmes’ divorce continues without further incident. However, it remains to be seen whether his legal team will prepare a response to Lehman’s statement.

While waiting to see what happens next and what ABC decides to do with T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach, take a look at our TV premiere schedule for 2023 to find out what new and returning shows will appear on the small screen in the near future.


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