T.J. From GTA3, Holmes and Amy Robach Are Apparently Ready to Sue ABC If The Hosts’ Jobs Are Threatened


As more and more time has passed since ABC took GMA3 anchors, T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach off the air, in response to their budding romance coming to light, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for viewers to understand why there hasn’t been any resolution so far. The network is reportedly in the midst of investigating the details, although it didn’t look like anything terrible could be found, given how outspoken Holmes and Robach were about seeing each other when their respective marriages broke up. And since there is no clear end to the situation, it seems that the two presenters deserve the attention of lawyers and are ready to fight if the network managers decide to fire them.

It is currently unclear whether ABC will find any irrefutable evidence of serious wrongdoing on the part of T.J. Homes and Amy Robach, and it seems that the couple is increasingly concerned about the safety of their positions on the air. According to TMZ, the network did not share any reasons why they were the ones facing off-air punishment. So Robach hired Andrew Brettler, a well-known Hollywood lawyer with a reputation for protecting high-profile celebrities through public backlash, with former clients such as Armie Hammer and Prince Andrew. Meanwhile, Holmes used the services of a popular lawyer from Los Angeles, Eric George, who once represented Amber Heard.

At the moment, however, it seems that both Andrew Brettler and Eric George have equally failed to find excuses and answers from ABC regarding their clients’ job security. But their efforts seem to lead this situation to the inevitable next step, as it is reported that they plan to file a lawsuit against the network if Homes and Robach are fired or if they are not shown on television without explanation.

Moreover, it is also alleged that the duo of lawyers plans to reorient part of the punishment of the leaders through a racial prism. The goal is to present ABC executives with the following question:

Did ABC use the morality or conduct clause to fire or punish two consensual adults on an equal level when both were white?

This is supposed to be the first time the network has relied on a morality clause regarding mixed-race relationships, although it’s unclear what ABC has done in the past regarding colleagues of the same race. It is unknown whether this will affect the final decision.

Anyway, the lawyers plan to prove how much it can damage TJ. The careers and reputations of Holmes and Amy Robach, if they get fired for it. Although, if other reports sound plausible, it doesn’t look like their reputation will be highly valued on daytime television either, since the couple’s colleagues on GMA3 are allegedly unhappy with them for dragging the respected morning series into such a drag. scandal, and others under the auspices of ABC News are also unhappy with how Holmes and Robach handled the situation.

While we still don’t know what will happen to Holmes and Robach, there have been reports that ABC has compiled a list of potential replacements in case the couple is fired. It seems that both sides are planning all possible options, but we hope that everything will come to a peaceful conclusion without further dirty laundry and resentment.

The program “Good Morning America” airs on weekday mornings on ABC. Go to our TV premiere schedule for 2023 to find out what new and returning shows are expected.


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