System Shock Reconstruction Approved for PC

Through a shared update on Kickstarter, developer Nightdive Studios announced that System Shock Remake will be released in the third quarter of this year for PC, and a final demo is now available to all players via Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store.

Originally launched in 1994 for the PC, System Shock was considered one of the main inspirations for the Bioshock franchise, bringing with it a futuristic scenario in which the protagonist must combat artificial intelligence and all the humanoid mutants created by it. In its new version, the title arrives full of news like enemies, collectibles, maps, music, mechanics and a new generation look with DLSS support.

The title officially went on pre-order and will be making the classic System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition available to anyone who purchases it in advance. In addition, it has been confirmed that the game can be played on Day One by all subscribers of the Amazon Luna service, and that PS4 and Xbox One versions are planned, but with no official arrival forecast.

The Kickstarter page also announced the arrival of the free final computer demo, which the Nightdive team plans to use as a test for player feedback and comments. However, it was not detailed on how the game experience will be, including the campaign time of the demo and its limitations.

Do you plan to revisit the classic System Shock action title in its new format? Leave your answer in the comments.

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