Symbolic step in the Huawei Honor split


Huawei removed the Honor brand in November. Thus, Huawei aimed to protect Honor from the devastating impact of the trade war between the US and China.

One of the symbolic steps expected after this separation finally came. Honor branded products were removed from Huawei’s e-commerce site Vmall, operating in China.

Honor has launched a website called Honor Store to sell its own products. However, it was stated that many products are not in stock and page errors are given in the version of this store operating in China. Current signs indicate that the website is still under development.

When the word Honor is searched in Vmall, the users said, “Sorry, Honor products have been removed from the store. You can buy Huawei products if you wish. ” A message appears. When the word Honor is written in Chinese, zero results are shown and Huawei branded products are recommended to users.


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