Sylvie Lushton: Meet Loki’s Character and His Role in Marvel


Sylvie Lushton: Loki, the new series from Marvel, is still just beginning but has already generated several theories about future episodes. In episode three of season one, the story focuses heavily on Sylvie, a character who is shown as another form of Loki.

To show a little more of the characters, Marvel has been making the “featurette” frame, which consists of a video talking more about the cast and familiarizing them with the new appearances on the MCU, Marvel’s Cinematographic Universe.

The video also alludes to future episodes of the series, giving clues to what’s to come.

Check out the featurette of Sylvie, character played by Sophie Di Martini:

Powers, history and LGBTQ+ representation

Although it looks like Sylvie is just another version of Loki, it’s possible to see how different they are – beyond their physical form. The powers of both are different, as she has an ability to charm people, and her personality as well.

Anyone who is already familiar with the character Loki, whether through the Marvel movies or the Disney+ series, knows that he is impulsive, always acting more out of emotion. However, Sylvie proved to be different by presenting a more planning and rational side, proving to be much more than just a copied version of Loki.

Both characters carry a dose of important representation for approaching fluid gender and bisexuality, important guidelines for the LGBTQ+ community, starting a new phase in MCU.

We are looking forward to getting to know more about the character! In Sylvie’s featurette, you can see that Sylvie’s origins seem to be troubled, which makes us even more anxious about her development.

The series premiered on Disney+ and gets weekly updates every Wednesday.


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