Sylvie Brett’s tragedy made her fall in love with her

During one of the popular Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. crossovers, we got to meet Sylvie Brett’s mother, Julie. But, the appearance of her brought great news and in turn great problems.

Julie (Britany McKenzie) thought that moving to Chicago would make him make peace with her daughter and get along again, and she would also be a very useful resource for her pregnancy.

Until one day Julie had complications with her delivery, SylvieBrett (Kara Killmer) rushed her to the hospital, resulting in an emergency C-section. Due to the problems she was having with the baby.

But some time later the doctor came out and informed Brett what had happened, that Julie died in the operating room from losing too much blood. She collapsed asked about the baby, who was fine.

Brett asked MatthewCasey (Jesse Spencer) for help to support her, urging him to go see the baby. Brett holding her new baby sister, collapsed in turn with tears over the death of her mother.

Unfortunately, Brett, after spending time with her mother making up for lost time, Julie ended up dying during childbirth from complications of the premature birth of her daughter.

A great impact that shook Brett, where from now on she will have to make strong decisions for her newborn half-sister who managed to survive, but his mother did not.

Now Casey helps Brett make decisions about the situation of the girl and her mother’s husband, well, we all know the result of this. Some very beautiful scenes about the loss of his mother and his new baby sister.



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