Sylvester Stallone Stars in a Reality Show With His Family After Reuniting With His Wife


After spending most of his career in the entertainment industry spearheading feature films on the big screen, Rocky and Rambo veteran Sylvester Stallone unexpectedly moved to streaming television via Taylor Sheridan’s Tulsa King. The crime drama aired in January, and the second season aired, and spin-offs are possible in the future. And although there was talk that this might be one of his last acting roles, he has now prepared a new reality show that will focus on his family, including wife Jennifer Flavin Stallone.

As fans probably know, the couple went through a lot of drama in 2022 and seemed doomed to divorce, reportedly due to financial drama and the actor’s dog. Fortunately, the couple reunited after some time apart and seem to have completely reconciled their differences. Otherwise, teaming up for a new reality show that depends on behind-the-scenes family life could be more than uncomfortable from top to bottom.

What is Sylvester Stallone’s new reality show?

Those with a Paramount+ subscription can look forward to the upcoming debut of “The Stallone Family,” which sounds like a reference to Diane Keaton’s holiday drama “The Family Stone.” But I guess there will be a lot less annoying passive aggression in the streaming series. I was hoping for that too.

Although the premiere date of “The Stallone Family” has not yet been determined, Paramount + reported that it will debut exclusively in the US and Canada this spring, and then spread to markets in other countries. In addition, the new show is designed for the first season of eight episodes, presumably with an hour duration, although this is not specified.

This is how the show was described in its official logline, which very much reflects the atmosphere of Stallone’s father:

Having played some of the most legendary characters in the history of cinema, three-time Oscar nominee Sylvester Stallone is ready to give the cameras access to what he considers the greatest role in his life: his father. This new series featuring three daughters, his wife and Stallone himself offers a seat at the table of one of Hollywood’s most famous families.
The Paramount+ ad also offered mini-breakdowns for each of the family members that relate to their past and personalities. Not that anyone needs further descriptions of Stallone himself, but it is noted that the show will really focus on him as a father, and not on the world-beloved star, as he works to help his three daughters realize and realize their ambitious goals.

Jennifer Flavin Stallone is known as the co-owner of the wellness brand Serious Skin Care and as a cunning businesswoman. The two eldest daughters, Sofia and Sistine Stallone, are currently co—hosts of the Unwaxed podcast, but while the former is not interested in a career in entertainment, the latter is an actress, model and director preparing her first feature film. Meanwhile, Scarlet Stallone’s youngest daughter has already appeared in the TV series “Tulsa King” with her dad and has been acting since childhood, although now she is going to move into an apartment for the first time while studying at college.

Trailers for “The Stallone Family” have not yet been released, but the titular clan appears in the newest Paramount+ crossover commercial, which is due to air during Super Bowl LVII. Check it out below!

While waiting to hear when “The Stallone Family” premieres on Paramount+, don’t forget to catch up with Tulsa King and check out our schedule of TV premieres for 2023 to find out what other shows will soon occupy prime time and not only.


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