Sykkuno & Kyedae Lost the debut episode of “Juiced” since xQc Actually Appeared


xQc‘s brand new game show “Juiced” debuted on September 30th, and it was as shabby as you can imagine.

Twitch star Felix “xQc” Lengyel launched the first episode of his own six-part show “Juiced” on September 30.

With the help of his fellow streamer Ludwig, who founded his own creative agency Offbrand, whose goal is to help creators improve their content, the show unites participants in duets to compete in physical and simple tasks.

However, there was uncertainty about whether the show would be canceled, as xQc accidentally double-booked the date when it was supposed to participate in the Twitch Rivals event.

After the audience waited patiently for 40 minutes, the show finally aired. But the fans were puzzled, because instead of a “Juicer” they were greeted by Ludwig, who had a message.

“Hello everyone, welcome to the premiere of the season of Juiced, a show that we have been working on for the last six months, and the creation of which cost more than 500 thousand dollars,” Ludwig said. He went on to explain that xQc had managed to arrange a flight to get to the show, but noted that he would arrive later.

Ludwig asked fans to give them another chance and tune in to a future series before xQc suddenly pushed him off the stage. “Not in this car, get the hell out,” he said, officially opening the first episode of Juiced.

At the premiere of the show, Sykkuno and Kyodae met Zoil and Myth, and both teams worked on answers to a number of random questions and completed tasks.

Ultimately, Sykkuno and Kyodae lost, which meant that they both had to make a forfeit and get the “juice” with the help of a greenish-slimy substance. However, in the classic xQc style, the “shabby” slime machine did not work exactly as expected.

Instead, the Juicer had to manually pour a bucket of mucus on the participants’ heads.

After the show, the streamer took to Twitter, where he thanked everyone for participating and passed the message to his fans.

“Mega-rocky start due to lack of practice and comfort in hosting conditions. It took about 5 minutes to remind myself that I’m actually just chatting,” he admitted. “People talking about scuffs don’t look at me. I can’t make content without scuffs.”

Despite this, viewers enjoyed seeing the new content from Juicer, and it reached just over 124 thousand simultaneous viewers.


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