Sydney Sweeney and Halsey Once Shared a Dreamy Sensual Sensation in a Music Video


Sydney Sweeney has established herself as an international star, working on such series as Euphoria and White Lotus. She proved to Hollywood and the world that she is more than just a pretty face, receiving two Emmy Award nominations last year.

One of the best features of this 25-year-old actress is that she likes to play difficult roles and knows well how to play them. In addition to the two aforementioned HBO shows, Sydney has starred in films such as Voyeurs, Nocturne and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. But did you know that she once starred in a music video with singer Halsey?

Sydney Sweeney and Halsey — “Pair goals” in video

In 2019, Halsey wrote a beautiful song for which she turned to Sydney, who was more than happy to work with her. The song is Graveyard, and both of these divas in the video act as mistresses. The music video begins with Halsey imagining the girl of her dreams looking at an image of a cute girl (which she draws herself) who eventually turns into the star of “Everything Sucks”.

In the course of the video, you can see how they both have fun and do cute things that ordinary couples do, for example, holding hands and smiling at each other. They are at the fair, and everything is colorful and bright. They also perform a well-choreographed dance in a video shot by Anton Tammy.

As the video neared the end, Halsey could be seen emerging from the pond. Water seems to represent how Halsey is immersed in his feelings. According to Yahoo Entertainment, it would be wrong to call this video a dream episode, since it begins and ends with Halsey being left alone. Sydney Sweeney, unlike most of the roles she plays, seems fun in the video.

Although she seems like a person who only plays serious roles, this year she decided to star in a romantic comedy. She will play alongside Glen Powell from Top Gun: Maverick. In addition, she is working with Dakota Johnson on the Madame Web series from Marvel, which will be released on February 16, 2024.

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