Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris, analysis


We take a look at the latest game in the Sword Art Online franchise that closely follows Kirito’s adventures in the virtual world of Underworld.

The adventures of Kazuto Kirigaya, better known as Kirito, throughout the different virtual worlds he has visited, return to the present day with a new title. In these seven years that the franchise has given, we have seen how the plot split from the series to show stories that, although they followed the core of the plot, have taken a different direction in certain aspects, offering stories with totally original characters to offer an experience that not only offered the player to feel the control of their favorite characters but to have a different experience than the routine that is to follow the plot of the animated series. Through each of those games, which we have reviewed in a report recently, there have been several styles that have been offered when playing along with the stories and characters that have been presented in it, offering both experiences action-focused gameplay to others with a component close to living the sensations of playing an MMO offline.

On this occasion, Aquria, the studio responsible for series games such as Hollow Fragment and Hollow Realization, once again takes the baton to offer a new title that goes one step beyond what is seen in these games, taking in this case the Alicization arc events as a basis to execute the story along with the inclusion of new characters to offer a set that at the same time offers the experiences seen in its animated counterpart, of which the last season of the series that ends the arc is broadcast that gives rise to this game, while delving into additional elements to offer a novel storytelling experience with the introduction of characters and stories exclusive to this title.

This time the plot will take place, in the first instance, following the first half of the Alicization arc, with Kirito meeting Eugeo with whom, later and after a chain of events, he will march to Centoria to enlist in the Fencing Academy, which gives them it will lead to later face the Knights of Integrity, among which is Alice Synthesis Thirty, Eugeo’s childhood friend, and the Administrator, main villain of this arc. The novelty will come with the inclusion of a new character named Medina Orthinanos, a young noblewoman whose family has fallen out of favor and is disowned by the rest of the families of high rank whose objective is to return the return of honor to the family and achieve with it everyone’s acceptance. Initially, its role in the plot will be less, but as the plot progresses, it will gain in importance in its development. Obviously part of the regular characters in the series will again take part in the new adventure of Kirito along with the new ones that this installment presents.

The development of the plot will comprise a series of chapters that will be divided in turn into different episodes in which main objectives to be met in order to advance in the plot will be presented, showing in between moments of novel visual cut for conversations with portraits of the characters with their anime-style design in some cases, semi-animated static illustrations in others and sequences with the game engine, in the latter case capturing some of the most significant sequences in the history of this arc. In between there will be the option to explore some of the game areas such as the village of Rulid, the intermediate areas of Nolangarth on the way to Centoria with its small villages and also the capital itself, which will include various shops of various kinds and the land of the Fencing Academy.

It is worth mentioning that the development of the first chapter is very linear and with few moments of freedom, focusing all the action on following the story of Kirito and Eugeo at the Fencing Academy and the confrontation against the Knights and the Administrator in a very focused on the narrative, with combat phases in between, and also offering some choices when talking at some points in the plot of the game, although most of them will serve to get information with each option and few to make a drastic decision, which little effect will have on the development of the game. In this part, it will seldom be offered to go it alone, being reduced to the few field missions that will take place at this point, in which the proposed objective will have to be defeated to advance, although with the possibility of completing secondary missions. that include requests from villagers or accepting the challenges proposed by the statues that will be found in this and other areas throughout the game or, failing that, simply fight against the different monsters that will be throughout the area in different areas. From later chapters, the player will have more freedom to decide the development of the game. Denote that on this occasion, and despite the fact that the objectives are marked on the map in a visible way, a compass option has been included, which can be activated by pressing the circle button, which we


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