Switch upgrade helps those who have little free memory space


Switch: Hours before announcing the new version of the Nintendo Switch with OLED screen and some more visual innovations, the company also released a system update for the console.

Version 12.1.0 of the Switch firmware makes few changes and brings “general system stability improvements”, with no further details from Nintendo on what has changed, plus a feature that can be very welcome for those who already have the Full console internal storage.

Addition is the ability to exchange old data for a game with new data if it has an update pending and there is no more free disk space. This is true for both the console’s internal memory and the use of memory cards that expand space. Previously, the player would need to clean up the system in other ways, perhaps even deleting old titles to make room.

Keep an eye!

Remember that if you choose to do this data exchange for the same game, you will not be able to play the title until the update has been properly downloaded and installed.

The update has been available to users since last Monday (5). The full report with all the changes made by the new firmware can be found on Nintendo’s support page.


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