Switch Pro Is Quoted In OLED Screen Manufacturer’s report


Although Nintendo has not yet officially confirmed its desire to work on a new model of the Switch (which has even received the name of Switch Pro), the network usually receives information about it from time to time. The most recent, for example, are courtesy of Universal Display Corp.

In response to one of its investors in a financial report, the company that works building OLED displays spoke clearly about Switch Pro, also revealing why Nintendo apparently chose this type of screen for the new edition of the console.

“In the games market, there are indications that Nintendo selected an OLED screen for the new Switch Pro for the first time because of its high contrast benefits and faster response time,” commented Steren V. Ambranson, the company’s chief executive. .

Again, so far Mario’s house has not yet officially commented on the matter, so we must wait a little longer before drawing any conclusions.


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