Switch OLED Sold Nearly 140,000 Units In Its Debut In Japan


Switch OLED: The Nintendo Switch OLED had a debut below its predecessors in its launch weekend in Japan. The handheld console sold a total of 138,409 units in its homeland, according to data that Famitsu released today, October 14th.

The number is considerably lower than the original version of the video game, which reached 330,637 units sold in Japan when it launched in 2017, and lower than the Lite version of Switch, which managed to sell 177,936 units in the country, on its debut in 2019.

The OLED Switch, of course, competes with the original already-released Switch models, as well as being a more expensive version of the console, costing $350 at launch. But market analysts estimate that this was not what held back sales the most, but inventory problems.

Nintendo would be having trouble making enough OLED Switch units, even more so having to sustain the manufacture of earlier versions of the console as well and looking to find a balance in quantities.

Meanwhile, some of the top authorized resellers aren’t getting enough console numbers for everyone. Some stores have even put in a lottery system to determine who will be able to buy a console.

Information from anonymous sources – who have not been authorized to speak publicly – say this shortage of consoles is likely to continue at least until early next year.


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