Switch OLED Dock Can Support 4k And 60fps


Switch OLED: The OLED Switch may be capable of reproducing 4k graphics and at 60fps. While Nintendo has been denying rumors about the capabilities of the new version of its hybrid console, an analysis of the latest video game model could prove otherwise.

That’s what the youtuber Nintendo Prime claims, which managed to gain access to an OLED Switch unit shortly before its official release. The console hits stores this Friday (8) in the United States.

According to youtuber, who analyzed the hardware, the Switch’s new dock is capable of reproducing 4k graphics at 60fps, with support for HDMI 2.0 technology. Another evidence that the console will be able to display higher resolution images is that the cable that comes with the device supports 4k transmission. In addition, a Nintendo patent capable of upscaling images to up to 4k was recently revealed.

These specifications are quite different from the original Switch. In comparison, the dock of the first version of the console only supports HDMI 1.4, as does its cable, and is not capable of generating 4k images.

YouTuber claims that the new dock’s motherboard processor uses ARM architecture, and that on its own is not capable of upscaling 1080p images to 4k. To display images at a higher resolution would require external hardware — and this could mean that Nintendo is already gearing up to release a new, more powerful Switch. Is the Switch Pro finally coming?

Despite Big N’s denials, several developers claimed to have accessed hybrid console dev kits that offered 4k support. The teams anonymously told Bloomberg that they are even already working on games in this resolution for Nintendo’s video game.

Scheduled for release later this week in the US, the Nintendo Switch OLED hits the Brazilian market in 2022.


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