Switch: 3 indie gems to discover in the eShop


We compile ten independent proposals that are enjoyable only in digital format and that make a difference on the Nintendo laptop.

Indie games have found a vein on Nintendo Switch, a platform where it is customary to sell a greater percentage of this type of independent and digital games for various reasons, being the versatility of the hybrid console between desktop and portable one of them. The wide variety of games of this type and risky proposals of all kinds make diving into the Nintendo Switch eShop a good way to hunt down some powerful proposals, which go beyond the concept of a large game to offer, in exchange, great proposals but in a small format.

That is why at Meristation we want to review 3 ideal indie gems to discover and enjoy on Nintendo Switch. Varied in its proposal, impressive and surprising at the audiovisual level and with a different air, sometimes far from the conventional but always with something important to convey. So, without further ado, here is a selection of 10 totally recommended indies to purchase in the Switch eShop.


Inmost is one of the proposals for the second half of 2020 that leaves no one indifferent. With a striking visual style and a love for pixel-art that is transmitted from the first screen, the story, which intertwines three protagonists in a world that rides between light and darkness, is one that makes a dent. Because of how it develops and how it ends. A more than interesting mix of platforms, action and stealth that is worth discovering.


Surely for a Triple A game, controlling a monster with tentacles as the protagonist would not be the greatest attraction, but in Carrion that courage to introduce us to “this” type of protagonist is what makes the difference. Visceral, with a direct combat and a careful aspect, this is an action game with a good approach and gushing blood. For something this time we are the monster and not the others.

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A Short Hike

As cute as it is simple, A Short Hike is one of those little surprises that the last Nindieworld left us. A game to disconnect from what surrounds us while using flight and verticality as the backbone of progress in this small but essential adventure. With the ability to give off a great personality despite using familiar mechanics and situations, the construction of a welcoming world full of secrets makes this experience a safe and different bet.


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