Switch 2 Can Have Xbox And PlayStation Game Port


Switch 2: The subject of the possible new Nintendo Switch 4K refuses to be buried. This time, an insider disclosed this Wednesday (13) that the new console would be a successor and not a revision of the traditional version and that it could reach the market between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

The information comes from content creator Nate the Hate, who claims that the development kits would have already started shipping in 2020. Similar information in this regard was released by the respected website Bloomberg at the end of last month.

Nate also comments in his latest video that standard Switch games would not yet be backward compatible with the new model, but that Nintendo would be working to make this possible as the hardware would be different.

The content producer also stated that “Switch 2” would reach 4K resolution (in the dock) because of the Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology, which allows the use of artificial intelligence in rendering images, but this was also a information that had already been released in March by Bloomberg.

Regarding other news, Nate commented that the developers would already be producing exclusives for the hypothetical console and even working on ports for PlayStation and Xbox games. The devs’ expectation is that the titles will start to be ready by the end of next year.

On this subject, it is important to remember that Nintendo has officially denied that it is producing a console with 4K resolution. Because of that, everything must be treated as a rumor.


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