Swiss banks and Bitcoin in 8 items


The only system better than the Swiss banking system preferred by the wealthiest people in the world is in our pocket. Here are 8 banks in Swiss banks and Bitcoin …

The only system that is better than the Swiss banking system, which offers off-shore banking services, which are preferred by the world’s richest, best, has been in our pockets since 2009 and serves for us. Let’s compare the Swiss banking system and Bitcoin in 8 items.

1. Swiss banks protect your assets

States can intervene in assets of their citizens’ bank accounts within certain limits under difficult economic conditions. With the global collapses we have experienced as of 2020, we can see examples of this soon.

However, no one but you can access your Bitcoin assets. Remember, your key codes, your assets. (#Beyourownbank)

2. Swiss banks offer the most stable and secure banking services

Today, many banks are in bankruptcy if their customers withdraw their money, but some Swiss banks offer their customers a 100% withdrawal guarantee. Currently, in the context of escrow services worth $ 2.4 trillion in Switzerland.

However, with Bitcoin, you can move your assets within the system as you wish, how much money is circulating or how much is in your wallet.

3. Swiss banks are no longer tax-free

Leaving customers’ data in banking in Switzerland is a crime, when it comes to the tax system. You are obliged to pay taxes for your assets in the bank.

However, owning Bitcoin is not currently subject to tax liability in many countries.

4. Opening an account from Swiss banks is not easy

In Swiss banking, you need million dollars to open an account at banks or to issue a bank card.

However, with Bitcoin, you can create an account in seconds. The banking system came to you!

5. Swiss banking transactions cannot be followed

The Swiss banking system provides services for the purpose of hiding money with tax-free funds that are its specialty and therefore cannot be followed.

However, there is no need to deal with this much. Bitcoin has resolved this business, it is very difficult to track Bitcoin transactions, or even impossible if desired.

6. 30% of the cross-border asset investments in the world are made by Swiss Banking

Many wealthy families use Swiss Banking for their investments as individuals provide privacy.

However, you can send money and invest anywhere in the world with Bitcoin. You also don’t need million dollars to open an account.

7. Transaction fees at Swiss banks are very high

There is no transaction fee to open an account in Bitcoin. If you want to send Bitcoin, you can choose according to your sending speed starting from the free send options you want.

8. Swiss Banking offers money-value protection guarantee

The Swiss franc has been acting as the most stable currency for the past 200 years.

However, the fact that 1 Bitcoin = 1 Bitcoin should not be forgotten.

In a nutshell, the banking system accessible to a limited number of people in the world is now in our pocket. It is both much cheaper and much safer. Don’t let today’s Bitcoin prices mislead you, we will see good times and we witness it.


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