SwiftKey Beta Syncs Copy and Paste Between Android and Windows


SwiftKey Beta: The Android Beta version of Microsoft’s SwiftKey keyboard app has added a new feature that makes life easier for those using more than one device and exchanges information in text form between devices.

It’s about the synchronization between the Clipboard, that is, the content that is copied and pasted between Android and Windows 10. That way, you can quickly pass on passwords, boleto codes, links and messages, for example .

Cross-platform integration isn’t that simple, but keyboard apps have more open permissions, ensuring role addition.

To perform the operation, you must first activate the feature on your computer. Go to Settings > System > Clipboard and check the “Sync across devices” box.

On the smartphone, you need to have SwiftKey Beta version or higher installed on your device from the Google Play Store, in addition to connecting the keyboard app with the same Microsoft account as the active user on the computer.


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