Sweet kiss of Prince Louis and Kate Middleton at the platinum anniversary contest


Prince Louis’ restlessness at the Platinum jubilee contest has gone viral. At one point during the event, Kate Middleton blew her son a kiss. Prince Louis also had cute moments with other members of the royal family at the jubilee pageant.

Prince Louis’ festive antics have gone viral. However, they weren’t the only memorable closing moment of the Platinum Jubilee weekend. A 4-year-old boy and his mother Kate Middleton also kissed sweetly.

Prince Louis looked restless during the platinum jubilee.

Louis seemed to have done with the pomp and circumstance after four days of celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th birthday on the throne. On June 5, 2022, he sat in the royal box near Buckingham Palace at the Platinum Jubilee competition.

Louis sat on either side of his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, and his 7-year-old sister, Princess Charlotte. Also nearby were Louis’ 8-year-old brother, Prince George, and his father, Prince William.

During what NBC News called a 1.8-mile-long march, Louis could be seen fidgeting in his seat. In one instance, he memorably made faces at Kate after she talked to him about putting her hand down.

Louis also reacted to the contest with various facial expressions that made him viral on social media. Mike Tindall, the husband of Princess Anna’s daughter Zara, who sat behind Louis at the event, attributed Louis’ behavior to Sugar.

Kate Middleton blew her son a kiss

The footage shows Kate scolding Louis, trying to keep him in place while focusing on watching the contest. But the mother and son had another memorable moment during the celebrations.

According to the British Mirror, Kate and Louis had a nice moment when a young member of the royal family jumped to the music. According to the publication, Kate blew her youngest child a kiss.

This special moment of tenderness is just one of many since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge became parents in 2013. Part of William and Kate’s parenting style involves their bonding with George, Charlotte and Louis through physical touch, i.e. hugs and kisses.

Prince Louis had other cute moments at the Platinum Jubilee contest.

Louis and Kate’s kiss at the contest wasn’t the only delightful moment after the event. In fact, the little royal had a lot of cute interactions with other royals as well.

When Louis became restless in his seat, he approached the Duke of Cambridge. The cameras captured them filming the scene when William points things out to his son.

Something similar happened to Louis and his grandfather, Prince Charles. Charles, next in line to succeed, would toss Louis on his knee as performers passed by.

If that wasn’t enough sweet moments with Louis, then another one happened with Tyndall. Cameras caught the former professional rugby player playfully teasing Louis when he wasn’t listening to Kate. Tyndall pointed two fingers at his eyes, and then at Louis, making it clear that he was not taking his eyes off him. Meanwhile, Kate watched the exchange with a smile.