SVEC Wide Receiver Jimmy Calloway banished for hitting an opponent: Fans react


An ugly scene unfolded during Tennessee’s crushing victory over Akron this Saturday night.

Tennessee receiver Jimmy Calloway started hitting the Akron defender during today’s game in Knoxville. The referees hurried to intervene. The SEC receiver was clearly thrown out.

College football fans are right now discussing Saturday night’s disastrous moment on social media.

“Jimmy Calloway, what the hell did I just watch?” said Caden Davis.

“Every time you want to say Jimmy Calloway is about to turn the corner for Tennessee… something like this happens. Just completely lost there. Funny,” said Wes Rucker.

“Last season, Jimmy Calloway disappeared due to a fall. He’s been trying to throw out Akron DB this season, and that’s probably going to make him disappear,” Austin Price said.

“WR Jimmy Calloway was ruled out of the ball game. Passed a full 12-round boxer in the Akron defense. I struck a few blows and got to 3-4 of them,” said Rocky Top Insider.

“Jimmy Calloway from Tennessee will soon be suspended for a while. He threw some mowers,” Chad Withrow said.

What a joke. Jimmy Calloway should not be allowed on the football field for a long time.


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