Suzy Cortez turned face down and stole her fans’ breath


“Pum up” Suzy Cortez turned face down and stole her fans’ breath. The model shared a very played image from her bed. Did you see her?

Suzy Cortez does not stop reaping flattery on social networks, since she has an unparalleled figure that makes all her fans rave.

Once again, the model used her Instagram account to publish a very high-pitched photograph to presume that she has one of the most admired bodies throughout the web.

This time, the Brazilian decided to photograph herself from her bed in a position that stole her followers’ breath. In addition, she wore a set of very tight red underwear, to highlight her tremendous curves.

With her body upside down, Suzy again demonstrated all her power of attraction. The publication already adds several thousand likes in just a few hours, and promises to continue increasing.

Little by little, Suzy Cortez is becoming an international star, and her career is reaching higher and higher places. What will be the limit?

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