Suzy Cortez Exceeded Her Limits By Moving On Instagram


Suzy Cortez has exceeded its limits, reaching almost those of Instagram censorship, as she recently uploaded a video too bold where she moves her rearguard

The popular Brazilian model Suzy Cortez, famous for winning the Miss BumBum with her great rearguard, has uploaded many bold videos and photographs, however this time she exceeded her limits by narrowing the censorship of the application, as she appeared moving the rearguard with an outfit super daring

In the video she appears with an outfit that consists of small straps, with which she barely covered her most intimate parts with which her fans have fallen completely in love, because she appears moving the rear guard from side to side in the foreground, focusing directly on her winning attributes.

In the video appears only her rearguard, with which she won the contest and also the hearts of her faithful followers. The clip has more than 178 thousand reproductions with just 13 hours of uploading it and also had thousands of compliments in its comment box, as is customary since they are very grateful to her.

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In the video she wrote: “My loves! ❤️ The new sets are ready in my INFARTO ONLYFANS! So run to see them right now”, remember that Cortez invites everyone to join her personal page, where when paying a amount From monthly money you can get exclusive content, where you will find something much more uncovered and exclusive.

Recently Suzy had to erase one of her photographs, because it exceeded the limits of the censorship of the application, so she chose to upload a photograph also without clothes only covering herself with a sheet lying on a bed.

In the photograph that she had to erase, she appeared without any clothes, posing in a black and white photograph, which the fans who managed to see considered one of the best before seen, however and unfortunately she had to erase it, it is possible that she will return to Upload it soon.

This 2019 Suzy Cortez visited Mexico to participate in Miss BumBum and was crowned as the winner in the first edition outside Brazil. BumBum presented 16 candidates for the title from different parts of the world and among all of them, it was Suzy Cortéz who won.

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