Suzanne Somers recalls starry nights at Studio 54 after Mark Fleishman’s death (exclusive)


Suzanne Somers looks back at the time of her life. In the same week that Mark Fleishman, the former owner of Studio 54, died as a result of suicide by doctors, the Alien spoke with Somers, who recalled unforgettable nights at the iconic New York club.

“Oh, what a time it was,” Somers tells ET about the late ’70s and early ’80s, when she starred in “Company of Three” and often went out to “Studio 54.” Has there ever been such a thing compared to entering Studio 54. I didn’t even think about the snobbery of it, that there were red velvet ropes and that when our car pulled up, the doors automatically opened and there was [Studio 54 co-owner] Steve Rubell saying, “Come on, come on, come on.”

While outside the club “people were screaming” as soon as you walked inside, Somers recalled, “you couldn’t hear anyone’s voices” because of the “loud and beautiful” music.

“All I did was dance and dance. Disco dancing is dancing that you could do without even knowing how to dance. It wasn’t necessary,” says Somers, adding that among the regular visitors of the club were Halston, Bianca Jagger. , Diana Ross, Andy Warhol and Liza Minnelli.

Liza Minnelli, Andy Warhol and Bianca Jagger at Studio 54

Somers also met Donald Trump at the club, although she did not remember this meeting until recently, when she sat at the same table with the former president at an event.

“He said: “Do you remember when we first met?” And I said: “I really don’t know.” He said, “Yes. That was 44 years ago,” Somers recalls. “I didn’t even know what he was talking about. And then I put it together and thought:”Oh, you were the guy who was sitting there with Holston and Bianca.””

As for why she didn’t remember seeing Trump in Studio 54, Somers jokes: “To be honest, I never noticed him because at that time I was more famous than him.”

Although there were too many incredible memories to choose one of them, most of the unforgettable moments happened on the dance floor of the club.

“I remember one night I put on a white cashmere dress that spun when I turned, and I kept spinning, spinning and spinning,” Somers shares. “One New Year’s Eve they had ropes hanging from the ceiling and dancers… They were in nude costumes, but they looked naked, climbing up and down ropes, to the music and spinning, spinning… the time of your life. That’s the only way I can describe it.”

Somers often visited the club with her husband Alan Hamel. They danced until the “dawn hours of the morning”, and then returned by limousine to the “fabulous” hotel to finish the night.

“We had the best time of our lives. We liked it. And then I’d go back to Los Angeles and I’d go to the studio and do Three’s Company, and then at night I’d do magazine covers, and then [on] a weekend we’d fly to New York,” she says. — What kind of life, huh?

Suzanne Somers and Alan Hamel at Studio 54

Somers believes that the impressions of Studio 54 have become so special in many ways because it was before the advent of the Internet and mobile phones.

“There were no selfies. It was the paparazzi, and the paparazzi care because it’s click, click, flash, flash. I think it will never be so great again because of social media… All photos of that era. were authentic and real,” she tells ET. “When you look at [the photos] from Studio 54 with Alan and me… what you will mostly see on my face is pure joy and excitement. That’s exactly what Studio 54 was. Pure joy, excitement and awe, real awe. .”

Suzanne Somers and Alan Hamel at Studio 54

Although her time at Studio 54 is over, Somers, who hosts Facebook Live and IGTV shows three times a week with her family and is busy promoting her smoothie mix Gut Renew, said her life today is “probably the best ever. ”

“Who says this at the age of 75?”she’s joking. “I love my age. I like the way I look. I love my husband, I’m in love. This is the best time of my life.”