Sutton Strack Reacts to Kyle Richards’ Suggestion that She Lied about miscarriages: “The Meanest Thing You’ve Ever Said”


It looks like Kyle Richards will have a lot to explain when the episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” airs on Wednesday, July 6. Bravo fans are crying out for OG’s response to what Sutton Streke told about her past miscarriages during a heated conversation with Diane Jenkins.

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The episode of the reality show on Wednesday, June 28, ended in the midst of Kyle’s attempts to mediate a conversation between her colleagues on the set.

“I am very sorry that you have lost a child. …I’m just trying to get in touch with you because I understand it in some way. I lost two children,” the Georgia native tells the newcomer after Diana told her colleagues about her recent pregnancy loss.

The “Halloween Kills” star is skeptical. “Have you lost two babies? I’ve never heard that before,” Kyle says.

“I’ve had two miscarriages,” Sutton replies. “It’s a very personal thing.”

Kyle, however, doesn’t give up. “I love you, but it seems like nonsense—T. … Are you saying you’ve lost two babies? You say that out of the blue. We don’t know that!”

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Sutton later explains that she is trying to “reach out” to Diana on a “human level” despite their past disagreements. However, the new housewife is not interested in reconciling with Sutton after she called her “soulless.” Sutton then calls Diana “mother,” prompting Kyle to grab the store owner.

“When it comes to miscarriages, it’s really mean,” Sutton says as Kyle continues to defend Diana. “Are you saying you didn’t know I had miscarriages?”

— Why do we need to know? Kyle asks. “Look, she lost the baby. You’re not. [Or] maybe a few years ago, I do not know. It was recently.”

Preview #RHOBH: WTF…? Kyle doesn’t believe Sutton had two miscarriages… What’s going on today???

— Queens of Bravo (@queensofbravo) July 4, 2022

In the confession, the designer tells the cameras that “we don’t know” is “hinted” that Sutton is lying, adding: “[It] breaks my heart and disappoints me in our friendship.”

In this scene, Sutton tells Kyle, “That’s the meanest thing you’ve ever said to me in my entire life.”

Users of social networks did not waste time watching the clip.

“Why would Sutton tell Kyle something personal when she throws her under the bus at every opportunity. Kyle is not Sutton’s friend,” one person wrote.

Another added: “It really upset me a lot. Sutton has been trying to contact Diana, and you can see that clearly. And @KyleRichards has the audacity to say it’s BULLS-T. Kyle, you’ve crossed the line on so many levels. It hurt my soul and my heart as a woman.”

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A third user noted: “You can see that Kyle is drunk, she’s slurring her words. I think she misunderstood what Sutton was saying at first. K. thought S. was saying that she had recently had miscarriages, then you notice that she starts to understand what Sutton really meant, then K. clumsily tries to recover in the convoy.

While Kyle has yet to respond to the backlash surrounding Sutton, the former child actress responded with another preview clip from Wednesday’s episode. In the preview, Kyle and Dorit Kemsley, as well as their spouses, laugh at Erica Jane telling Garcel Bove’s 14-year-old son to “get the hell out” at his mother’s birthday party.

“I was laughing at a friend’s drunken, ridiculous behavior,” she wrote. “NOT about disrespecting someone’s child. I think you already know me better than that. I wasn’t even there to see it, and only heard about Erica and what she said later.”

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” airs on Bravo Wednesdays at 20:00 ET.