Sussex Royal Celebrating Kate Middleton’s Birthday Among Rumors


Sussex Royal Celebrating Kate Middleton’s Birthday Among Rumors. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s official Instagram account Sussex Royal celebrated her 38th birthday after the crack rumors between Kate Middleton and Kate Middleton. The birthday celebration was conveyed by a comment under Kensington Royal Instagram.

“I wish the Duchess of Cambridge a very happy birthday today!” They commented. The message also contained a cake and a red heart emojis.

As of this post, the comment received more than 12,000 likes. However, some commentators in the responses bumped the Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex for posting their best wishes for Kate as comments rather than creating a post on their Instagram account.

Speculation about a competition between Cambridgeshire and Sussexes has dominated the royal press since Harry and Meghan’s wedding. However, the bomb announcement of their new roles added a new fuel to rumors that families are no longer in good conditions.

“Kate will be celebrating her birthday at home with her family in private, Russell said Russell Myers, the editor-in-chief of the publication.

Sources said that William did not know his brother would “step back”.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have not yet made official statements about the story.

So far, a formal statement has been made in response to Sussexes’ decision from Buckingham Palace stating that they are still in “early talks” about their new role in the royal family.

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