A Suspicious Leak Reveals All the Technical Features of PlayStation 5

A lot of information has emerged about PlayStation 5, which will be Sony’s new game console, but no information has been confirmed by Sony. A rumor that has now emerged and is not yet confirmed is information about the processor and graphics unit of PlayStation 5.

In the days we entered the third month of 2020, Sony still did not share any precise information about PlayStation 5, except for vague announcements. So far, it has become clear that only PlayStation 5 will have a super-fast SSD and will have the newly developed DualShock 5 controller. But no information was shared about the processor and graphics unit of the game console. The design of the PlayStation 5 is still unclear.

The Corona virus outbreak may also be preventing Sony from sharing information about PlayStation 5 by Sony. Sony has announced that it will not participate in 3 game events so far because of the corona virus outbreak. This means that the announcements about PlayStation 5 will be delayed.

After all these developments, there was a new leak about PlayStation 5 recently. This leak, which was not officially verified, revealed the technical features of PlayStation 5, along with the PS5 release date.

According to rumors, the technical features of PlayStation 5:
13.3TF Custom RDNA 2 GPU @ 1.7GHZ with 60 Compute Units
AMD Zen2 8 core @ 3.4 GHZ
5.5GB / s fast 1TB SSD
Special RT and 3D sound cores
565GB Bandwidth
Games compatibility with all previous PlayStation models
DualShock 5 with heart rate tracking and built-in microphone
PlayStation AI voice assistant to work with voice commands

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We cannot know how much the technical features reflect the truth, but we can easily say that the information about the release date is absolutely wrong. According to the leak, Sony would make its announcement about PlayStation 5 on March 3.

The leak at least shows that it will be compatible with all previously revealed information and backwards compatible with all PlayStation models. This improvement may allow some PlayStation 1 games to be reorganized for PlayStation 5.



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