SushiSwap Starts Using The Price Stream From Chainlink


SushiSwap has integrated with the price stream using Chainlink infrastructure. Data from Chainlink will be used on the platform called Kashi, recently developed by SushiSwap.

Chainlink’s infrastructure will be used in the markets in Kashi, according to SushiSwap’s announcement on Thursday. Kashi, a lending platform, allows users to borrow money and open leveraged positions.

“Easy to integrate” was preferred

The flow from Chainlink will ensure the “accurate and up-to-date” evaluation of digital assets in Kashi. The appraisal of these assets will be used to calculate who borrowed how much and the size of the liquidations.

Compatible with both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, the infrastructure was the first oracle to be integrated into Kashi. According to SushiSwap’s statement, Chainlink was chosen “because of its past performance and … because it can be easily integrated.” It is planned to receive services from different providers in the coming months.

According to CoinGecko, LINK, the 12th largest cryptocurrency, broke its own record by going to $ 44.15 on April 15th. While SushiSwap ranks 6th among the largest Ethereum-based DEXs; SUSHI has a market value of more than $ 2 billion.


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