Survivor winner Tyson Apostol gives very important reasons for the brand why he joined the challenge: USA


Tyson Apostol is no stranger to the world of reality TV. He participated in the CBS Survivor show four times and finally won its million dollar prize in 2013. I’m sure about the father of two children: his brand is unflappable sarcasm. So much so that he will probably give Ron Swanson a chance to make money. This bizarre, sometimes sarcastic personality trait continues to persist in recent times, when the Apostle explained the reasons why he joined The Challenge: USA.

This is another knockout competition with high stakes and high rewards, in which the participant is no stranger. But instead of voices and cunning leading to a fall, in one-on-one battles, pure willpower rules. So why did Tyson Apostol join the MTV/CBS crossover? Speaking to his hometown state publication, The Salt Lake Tribune, he hilariously shared that being able to rub his seat in front of hundreds of other Survivor alumni was part of the logic. He said:

People who are not invited make up about half of that. The people from Survivor who weren’t invited will be furious that I’m here right now.

Alas, in The Challenge: USA there were only 28 players from the extensive repertoire of the CBS reality show. Tyson Apostol wasn’t the only winner from the Jeff Probst—hosted series that made it to the final version – Ben Dribergen from Heroes vs. Villains vs. Hustlers and Sara Lacina from Cagayan are also in the mix. Meanwhile, a handful of Big Brother 23’s “Cookout” alliance members (who were called out by Shan Smith) are competing — so others might just want to watch out because they’ve been getting close to the bank before. The few fan-favorite games “Love Island” and “Amazing Race” complete the picture.

However, Tyson the Apostle himself remains a formidable threat. According to the rules of The Challenge: USA, the winning team in the first test of the episode can choose any team that will fight the loser in the elimination round. This means that the Apostle’s honed tactics of victory strategy in Survivor can be put to good use, as it was in Week 2, when the Apostle and his teammate Angela Rammons sent Javonny Vega and Sat Vasquez to the slaughterhouse, where they were expelled. Apostol told the publication that this is one of the other reasons he joined the show after a two-year hiatus since his last performance in front of the camera, Winners at War (the finale of which disappointed another participant), saying:

I know that people break down on these shows. And I like to sit in the front row and watch them break. And even sometimes have something small related to their breakdown. …Like, “Oh, I just broke that dude’s brain. He doesn’t even know which way is up now, and he’s getting out of control.” Or her. It could be him or her.

Tocantins viewers remember very well how much Tyson the Apostle loved to break his opponents until he inevitably won. But it wasn’t always like that. Sometimes he was the victim of a serious oversight — as in the case of “Heroes vs. Villains”, where he, in fact, dropped out of the game. (A member of his alliance, Courtney Yates, later claimed that she was actually trying to stop him from making this particular mistake.)

However, in another outspoken humor about the brand, the infamous TV presenter was frank that at his advanced age of 43, the decision to participate in The Challenge: USA was “more of a payment than a pleasure.” (Each challenge offers $5,000 to the winning co-ed team, and the prize for the final challenge is $500,000.) In truth, he still almost said “no” to the heads of CBS who invited him, because it could just be a “garbage” kind of show in which he has nothing to show but a “headache.” Alas, his wife Rachel convinced him that he could end up in “O.G.” the winner of this new spin-off.

And he can just, still. He’s still in a fight at the time of this writing, but maybe not for long by and large. Tyson Apostol added: “At some point there will come a time when I will look pathetic compared to who I was before, and I don’t want this moment to be on national television.” We will see if his performance will be more pathetic than victorious in the coming weeks on The Challenge: USA program, which airs on Wednesdays at 21:30. EST on CBS after Big Brother 24 as part of the TV program for 2022 and is broadcast on a Paramount+ subscription.


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