Survivor host Jeff Probst talks about whether the twists of the new game are becoming too complicated

When CBS’ “Survivor” returned after a long hiatus caused by the pandemic, he returned to the fences. Both the 41st and 42nd seasons saw major, previously unseen changes in the game, including a reduction in the time during which players actually played, the destruction of the fourth wall of production and the appearance of almost half a dozen new twists. In truth, the onslaught of twists at times seemed too complicated from the viewer’s point of view, and executive producer/host Jeff Probst decides if they are really getting too complicated with their schemes.
To summarize briefly, among the new additions to the creativity of the contest, so to speak, was the Do-or-Die twist, the prisoner’s dilemma, the confusing participants of the 42nd season of “Shot in the Dark”, the three-sided idols of the tribes and the hourglass. twist. And, to be honest, each of them created interesting scenarios — if not outright, then complete chaos, according to at least one former player. (Let’s not forget that the cast, as you know, almost “went crazy” in the 42nd season, which has not been for many years.) Nevertheless, Jeff Probst believes that criticism about the same twists is just as “fair”. He told The Wrap:
Yes, there is always a risk of going too far. This is a real risk. And the scariest thing is that you can’t change it after you’ve done it. So it goes back to feeling comfortable with the risk of a major failure. We knew we were going big. And we expected that fans and players might think that this is too much. But we wanted the players to review everything they thought they knew about Survivor. All.
The strategy, of course, had to evolve a little as a result of new turns. However, understanding and juggling a huge number of rules and variations in the game itself became a challenge, which, in turn, called into question the perceived integrity of the game. The hourglass twist actually provoked an unspoken dispute between the players and Jeff Probst in season 41, because “tossing” the winning and losing tribes on a whim seemed too unreasonable. When the scary hourglass reappeared in season 42, fans were almost outraged by what they considered the worst twist in the history of the game.
However, Jeff Probst told the publication that “getting used to” the new rules is part of the philosophy of any new game, not just Survivor. He compared it to learning to play poker for the first time, which, he said, can “be very difficult until you learn the rules.” However, in this advertised “new era” of Survivor, not everything is so clear. Even, it seems, these novelties. Probst continued:
But, for your information, we constantly evaluate what works and what doesn’t. If we feel that something is not working, we check it to see if any adjustments can be made, and if in the end we can’t figure it out, then we give it up.
At this point, we know that, according to previous information provided by Jeff Probst, several twists remain in seasons 43 and 44 in a row. Fans will, in fact, see the prisoner’s dilemma and the “Shot in the Dark” again, as well as the concept of the “merit” of the merger. In addition, the $1 million game will again last only 26 days instead of the previous 39 days.
However, if we read correctly between the lines here, even if some turns are thrown into the Survivor trash, it looks like only new ones will immediately take their place.… Will Survivor 43 be doomed to the same fate of trial and error, which the audience did not like too much? Find out when it will premiere on September 21 on CBS as part of the TV program for 2022!