“Surviving Vampires” Reveal Expansion of Tides Of The Foscari After BAFTA Win


Poncle, the developer of Vampire Survivors, has announced Tides Of The Foscari, an expansion for the reverse bullet genre game that adds more characters, weapons and music.

The game Tides Of The Foscari, which will be released on April 13, will take players to the Foscari Academy, where students learn to be wizards, generals and spies.

“The Academy is divided into three houses — a room that has not yet been touched in all fiction,” teases the recently launched expansion page on Steam.

“Three students, one from each house, venture into a forest inhabited by mythological creatures, and all for the sake of a fun adventure, and nothing interferes with a whim. We know that all these are mind-bogglingly original things, but this only makes people better.”

Tides Of The Foscari will introduce eight new playable characters, including the talented sorceress Eleanor, the “brooding” warrior Maruto and the fraudulent hero Keita.

In addition, the expansion will also add 13 new weapons to players that are “definitely not taken from the personal media tastes of selected game developers.”

Players will also be able to listen to seven new music tracks, as well as a new arena called Lake Foscari.

“An enchanted forest filled with magical secrets, mythological creatures and beasts that you will find in any bestiary of a role—playing game,” the description of the scene says. “The perfect place for an ordinary adventure without complications.”

Tides Of The Foscari was announced less than a day after Vampire Survivors received two BAFTA awards last night (March 30), and the breakthrough indie hit of 2022 received a BAFTA in the categories “Best Game” and “Game Design”.

The success of Poncle was congratulated by Xbox CEO Phil Spencer, who said it was “amazing to see the industry recognition” of the game.

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