Surviving Vampires: how to unlock Zi


Zi’Assunta Belpaese, also known as Zi’Assunta or simply Zi, is a playable character in Vampire Survivors capable of scaling multiple stats at each level. In particular, Zi will receive +0.5% to strength, projectile speed, duration and area for each level. Strength refers to the damage done by the weapon, and the velocity of the projectile affects the velocity of the projectiles of the weapon. Duration is a characteristic that determines the duration of a weapon’s effect, and area affects the scope of a weapon in Vampire Survivors. All these characteristics will scale infinitely without limitation thanks to the passive effect of Zi’Assunta.

Zi’Assunta starts each stage in Vampire Survivors with +20% movement speed and +10% curse, and her initial weapon is Vento Sacro. Capable of dealing critical damage, this weapon attacks frontal targets in several arcs, cutting enemies horizontally. The effectiveness of Vento Sacro depends on the speed of movement, increasing the overall attack speed. Thus, since Zi has an inherent +20% movement speed, she can effectively destroy enemies from the very beginning of the level. In addition, her gradually increasing projectile speed increases the range of arc strikes, which makes her and Vento Sacro a deadly combination in the late game in Vampire Survivors.

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To unlock Zi’Assunta in Vampire Survivors, players must find and open her coffin in the Magna Chapel, the fifth stage of the game. This place becomes available when players have a Sacred Forbidden, hidden area available after a certain condition is met.

Unlocking Zi’Assunta in Vampire Survivors

To enter Holy Forbidden in Vampire Survivors, players must do the following:

1. Unlock Moongolow by getting a hyper mode for the four normal stages. Hyper mode becomes available after defeating a special boss that appears after the 25-minute mark on the stage. Keep in mind that Divano or Gallo cannot be used to log into Holy Forbidden.2. Kill Moon Trinacria, the boss who appears in Mungolou at the 14th minute. The defeat of this boss automatically teleports the player to the Holy Forbidden.

After gaining access to the Holy Prohibition, continue walking through the corridors to the right to discover the Yellow Sign, a Relic in Vampire Survivors that allows players to discover Hidden Objects at any stage. Collecting the yellow sign also completes the Holy Forbidden, as a result of which the Magna Chapel becomes available. Use any character and enter Cappella Magna. Those who want to unlock Zee’s coffin quickly can choose the “Red Death”. Once on stage, study the map of the Milky Way and follow the white question icon to find the coffin. Upon arrival, players must destroy enemies appearing around the coffin within a few seconds. Eventually, the coffin will open, rewarding the players with Zi’Assunta.