Surviving Death: new Netflix series addresses the afterlife


Death is a factor that permeates humanity since the beginning of everything and one of the main questions asked on the subject is: what happens after someone dies? Netflix’s new series, Surviving Death, seeks exactly to explore a little more of this questioning from different perspectives.

Surviving Death is the perfect production for those who like to learn more about life and what comes after it. The production opens on January 6 on Netflix.

Watch the trailer:

More details of the series

As you can see from the Surviving Death trailer, the series will include a lot of reports from people who have had supernatural experiences, be it a moment of near death until the feeling of having been someone different at another time in life, giving basis to the idea reincarnation.

The streaming platform series will be divided into just six episodes and has the participation of scholars, as a physicist, to discuss the issue of the afterlife in a more rational way.

The general premise of the series is to offer accounts of people who have experienced death and, in some way, been brought to life again. What did they see? What did they feel? How can this help with today’s knowledge of death, life, resurrection and the afterlife?

All of that must be in the new Netflix series, Surviving Death, and we hope for really useful and interesting answers!

The production opens on January 6 on the streaming platform and the trailer has already left us looking forward!


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